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Remind participants of unfinished interactions

Step 1: Log into BQ and select your solution (“Performance”)

If you are currently not logged in, click here and log in with your credentials. Should you be subscribed to multiple BQ solutions, navigate to Performance using the product-selector in the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Select a participant

From the list of participants, select a participant to invite to an interaction. To find participants, simply enter their first name and/or last name in the search field.

Click anywhere in the line with the participant’s name to select the participant.

Step 3: Select how to remind the participant

Open the context menu of the unfinished interaction by clicking the box with three dots “…” marked in red below. You will see two options for reminding the participant.


This option copies the interaction link into your clipboard. From here, you can paste it anywhere (use CTRL+V on Windows and Linux, or CMD+V on Mac) for example, into WhatsApp, E-mail, or your CRM.

Option 2: Open a templated

This option automatically sends an E-mail with the interaction link to the participant. This is the same E-mail that the system sends if the auto-invite option was selected when creating the invitation.

Next steps: 

Once your participant has finished an interaction, you will be notified by an automatic e-mail. To view your participant’s results, see: View results in BQ Performance, Selection, and Teams

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