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Win customers, build trust with partners, and convince investors with unparalleled reliability. The BQ Certificate makes it easy to communicate your unique strengths effectively. And to show that you proactively monitor behavioral risks in your business and decisions.

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Overconfidence, confirmation bias, and stress in volatile markets are just few of the forces that can lead to missing out on possible returns. Uncover your decision-making patterns and see exactly how to improve them. Your certification gives you expert recommendations that are precisely tailored to your decision processes.

What You Will Get

Personal Results Report

Your 30 page results report is precisely tailored to your current behavior and decision making. Gain immediate, actionable insights into your unique decision tendencies, including risk tolerance, emotions, and the impact of impulsivity on investing.


The BQ Certificate is a digital document that you can download and share with your network. It represents a comprehensive validation of your decision-making process, backed by a detailed behavioral and quantitative analysis.


The digital BQ badge is to showcase your certification on social media. It symbolizes your expertise and dedication. Display the BQ Badge online to highlight your achievement.

30 Pages Results and Recommendations

Snapshot: Selected insights from the full report

How Does It Work


Interactive Dialogue

You complete a 30-minutes automated series of questions and scenarios. A state-of-the-art behavioral analysis accurately identifies your behavioral strengths and potential risks.


Report & Certification

You receive a 30+ page report with detailed results and targeted recommendations to improve your decision-making. You also receive a professional certificate and badge.


Decision Optimization

Based on your recommendations and supporting literature, you can systematically unbundle and optimize your decision processes – for high decision quality, behavioral risk prevention, and stable investment results.


Certificate Renewal

Your behavioral tendencies interact with market conditions and change over time. Renew your certification at yearly intervals to monitor your progress over time. Your new results are accompanied by the recommendations that are now most relevant.



As an investment professional, BQ Certificate shows you exactly how you can make better decisions and improve your performance. And with your professional certificate, you get an attractive document that others will value highly.

The price is EUR 265, – (excl. VAT). It includes a printable Personal Results Report with expert reading recommendations, the BQ Certificate, and the BQ Badge.

Yes, you can post your certificate and badge on social media and print your certificate for personal use.

You can share your certificate on LinkedIn in 6 easy steps:
1.   Log in to LinkedIn: Sign into your account.
2.   Access Your Profile: Click on your profile picture or the ‘Me’ icon, then select ‘View Profile’.
3.   Add a License and Certification: Scroll down to the ‘Licenses & Certifications’ section and click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new certification.
4.   Enter Certification Details: Enter ‘Certified Behavioral Investment Professional’ as the name of your certification in the dialog box that appears and ‘BehaviorQuant’ as the issuing organization.
5.   Provide a Link to Your Certificate: Add the URL that links directly to your online copy of your certificate.
6.   Save: Click ‘Save’ to add the certification to your profile.

To make the most of your certification, you should keep it current and renew it at regular intervals. Your behavioral tendencies interact with current market conditions and change over time. We recommend that you renew your certification at annual intervals to ensure that your results are current and accompanied by timely recommendations.

Yes. If you are interested in analyzing your entire team, BehaviorQuant Performance provides each team member with their personal results and certificate. Additionally, you receive team detailed results in an online dashboard. The BehaviorQuant Team will be happy to provide you with a package tailored to your needs.

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