Select the Right Professional and Team

Make successful selection decisions with behavioral data and predictions.

In selecting fund managers, the three most important characteristics are character, character, character.

Less Risk, More Safety in Selection Decisions

Evaluating fund managers
Hiring investment professionals
One-on-one comparisons
Comparative team analyses

Select the right fund managers

Integrity and quality of decision-making are not evident from resumes and fancy brochures. Benefit from behavioral data to distinguish genuine skill from mere luck. See how well managers align with your goals and identify red flags in advance.

Hire with confidence

Make finding the right professionals easy with a system that does the work for you. Define what qualities are important to you and see the best fit based on predictive data. Decide with confidence, based of systematic comparison of the most important criteria.

Ensure continuity

Changes in the fund size, market conditions, or team dynamics can lead to undesirable shifts in decision making. Prevent style drift and deviations from the mandate through easy-to-implement monitoring.

How it works


Participant Invitation

With a single click, invite single professionals or entire teams to participate.


Interactive Survey

Participants complete an automated 30-minute survey featuring interactive questions and decision-making scenarios.


Decision Analysis

Algorithms compare each professional and each team against your requirements.


Immediate Results

The clear results dashboard shows you how well each candidate or team matches your criteria. You select your top candidates with confidence using easy comparisons.

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