Optimize Your Team's Decision Making

Increase team performance measurably

Leverage unique strengths
Identify hidden risk
Analyze market influences
Improve decision biases
Implement improvement strategies
Optimize team composition

Optimize Team Decision-Making

Enhance team decision-making and performance with cutting edge behavioral science and machine learning. Uncover key strengths and identify decision-making risks. Get concrete strategies for targeted performance optimization.

Mitigate decision risk

Navigate proactively through market shifts and team dynamics. Keep track of changes in the team’s decision-making and risk behavior. Recognize warning signals early to protect your results.


Build winning teams

Just like with a portfolio, the right mix makes the difference. Effortlessly evaluate and compare single team members. Predict the impact of team changes and simulate new team compositions for optimal outcomes.

How it works


Participant Invitation

Effortlessly invite team members to participate with a single click via pre-formulated emails.


Interactive Survey

Team members complete an automated 30-minute survey featuring interactive questions and decision-making scenarios.


Decision Analysis

Algorithms benchmark participants against hundreds of other investment professionals and identify behaviors that drive successful or poor results.


Results & Strategies

An online dashboard shows team strengths and weaknesses, along with strategies for better results. Reports provide members with their own results and behavioral tips.

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