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Anonymization of Results

Anonymization allows you to anonymize the results of all or selected candidates. This makes it easy to safely share results with others and to comply with privacy policies and regulations.

Step 1: Enabling anonymization of all participants

To enable the anonymization mode, click the anonymization icon in your top-right menu bar and toggle anonymization on in the window that will pop up.


The toggle turns blue and shows a list of participants below.

Close the anonymization window with the “Close” button in the bottom right. The system informs you that anonymization mode is enabled with the following bar at the top of the screen:

The names of all participants are anonymized. The system replaces individual names with ***** in the Individual Dashboard and Report and with “User 1”, “User 2”, “User 3” etc. in the Comparison feature and the Teams Dashboard.

Step 2: De-anonymizing selected participants

Before closing the anonymization window, you can also de-anonymize selected participants. This function can be useful to display an identified candidate while the other candidates remain anonymous.

To de-anonymize participants, check the box next to their name in the anonymization window.

If participants are de-anonymized, the current view is automatically reloaded and the anonymization of their names is stopped.

All users are anonymized
All users except Brit Belvue are anonymized
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