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Home Screen and Navigation Bar

After logging in, you will see the default view of BQ Performance:

  1. Participant List: Allows you to manage your individual participants. For details, see Participant List.

  2. Compare Candidates: Allows you to compare individual candidates. For details, see Comparing individual candidates.

  3. Analyze Teams: Allows you to create and analyze teams of candidates. For details, see Use BQ Teams.

  4. Anonymization: Allows you to anonymize results. For details, see Anonymizing Results.

  5. Export data: Allows you to export results. For details, see Exporting result data.

  6. Settings: Allows you to change your password and your display language. For details, see Settings.

  7. Help: Redirects you to this manual.

  8. Logout: Logs you out of the BQ portal.

  9. Product selection: If you are subscribed to multiple BQ solutions, lets you to switch between solutions.

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