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Participants List

The Participant List contains the participants you have added. It allows you to:

  1. Select a participant to view their individual results (simply click anywhere in the line with their name)

  2. View information of a participant’s most recent interaction

  3. Browse through the list of participants

  4. Search and filter to narrow down the displayed participants

  5. Change how the participant list is sorted

  6. Create a new participant

  7. Use the comparison feature

1. Selecting a participant

To select a participant, you can click anywhere in the row with their name.

2. Most recent interaction status

Displays when the most recent interaction was created, and the current status.

The statuses can be:

  • None: No interaction has ever been created for that participant

  • #x ongoing: the current interaction, is the x-th interaction, and the participant as x-1 completed interactions.

    • If it is #1, then the participant has no results to view

  • #x done: the participant has completed x interactions in total

3. Browse through list of participants

In case there are more participants than can be displayed on a single page, you can use these controls to either directly jump to a certain page (1), go one page forward or back (2), or go to the first or last page (3).

4. Search and filter participants

You can type either a participant’s first or last name into the search field (1), to search for a specific participant.

Additionally (or alternatively), you can reduce the number of participants shown in the Participant List, by selecting any filter. The bracketed numbers next to each filter show the number of remaining participants.

  • Filter “All”: Shows all participants

  • Filter “None”: Shows only participants who have never received an interaction invitation

  • Filter “Ongoing”: Shows only participants who currently have an ongoing interaction that has yet to be completed (they might or might not have results available)

  • Filter “Completed”: Participants who have completed all their interactions (and definitely have results available)

5. Ordering the participant list

By click on either Name, Created, or Status, the participants in the list will either be sorted in ascending or descending order according to the respective property.

6. Creating a new participant

Allows you to create a new participant (if you have not already used up your participant limit). For more details, see Adding participants.

7. Add a participant to the comparison

The plus button allows you to add a participant to the comparison feature which allows you to compare the individual results of up to four participants. See Comparing individual candidates for more details.

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