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Client List and Segmentation

The client list gives you an overall view of your clients and offers powerful client segmentation options. 

Here you can: 

  1. Add new clients

  2. Select clients to see their details

  3. Navigate through the client list 

  4. Search clients by name 

  5. Sort clients by status and time of their most recent dialogue

  6. Segment clients according to key advisory aspects

1. Add a new client

Clicking on this button will allow you to add new clients until you reach your agreed client limit. More information can be found here: Adding Clients.

2. Select clients

To select a client, simply click on the row containing the client’s name.

3. Navigate through multiple pages

If you have added more clients than can be displayed on a single page, use the navigation elements to (1) jump to a specific page, (2) page forward or backward, or (3) jump directly to the first or last page.

4. Search clients by name

To search for a specific client, type the first or last name in the name search box. 

5. Sort clients by status and time of their last dialogue 

In the drop-down menu above the client list, you can group your clients by the status of their last dialogue. To do this on smaller screens, click the filter icon to show the menu. Select “Latest Dialogue Status”.

By clicking on the column titles of the client list (for example, Client or Dialogue Recency) you can sort your clients in ascending or descending order by the clicked criterion.

To the right of the table, you can filter your clients by selecting specific status categories. The number next to the status category indicates the number of clients in this category.

Done: Shows clients who have completed all their dialogues.

Ongoing: Shows clients who are going through the current dialogue and have not yet completed it. Depending on whether the current dialogue is their first or a repeated dialogue, earlier results are available.

No results available: Shows clients who have neither completed nor are currently completing their first dialogue.

6. Segment clients according to key advisory aspects

The client list offers you extensive options for grouping your clients by business and advisory-related aspects.  

For example, selecting “Advisory Satisfaction” in the drop-down menu above the table will group your clients according to their advisory satisfaction. On the right side of the table, you have the option to filter the displayed clients. For example, clicking on the “Extremely low” category will only display customers with extremely low advisory satisfaction. To filter your clients, you can also select more than one category.

To change or cancel your selection, click on other categories or on the “Clear all filters” button below the categories.

To reverse the sort order of the results in the table, click on a column name repeatedly.

To return to the default view, select “Latest Dialogue Status” in the dropdown menu.

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