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Export Result Data

Exporting results data is only available to BQA Enterprise users. 

Step 1: Log in to the BQ Portal

If you are not already logged in, click here and log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to “Export”

Use the navigation bar to navigate to the “Export” page.


Step 3: Export data

To export data:

  1. Select your preferred language for the field labels in the export file.

  2. Click on the “Export data” button to create and download the export file in .csv format.


Open the export file

You can view the contents of the .csv file in a variety of applications, including Microsoft Excel.

Depending on your settings, Excel may not display the data neatly right away, like in the following screenshot:

Here, Excel writes all data into column A instead of displaying them in separate columns.

To correct this, first select the entire data by clicking on column A.

Next, navigate to the Data menu in the Excel menu bar. Select the “Text to Columns” option.


This will open a new dialog window.

In the dialog window, select “Delimited” and click next.

In the following screen, deselect “Tab” and select “Comma”. Click next.

In the following screen, click finish.

You now have a clear view of your exported data.

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