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Adding Clients

Step 1: Log in to the BQ Portal

If you are not logged in already, click here to log in with your credentials.

Prerequisite for users of the pay-as-you-go version:

Before you can invite others, you need to purchase one or more credits. You can do so here. An attractive starter package is available for your first credit purchase!

Step 2: Add a new Client

Click on the “Add new Client” button in the upper right area of the client table.

Step 3: Enter client data

On this page, enter the client’s:

(1) first name,

(2) last name, and

(3) email address.

(4) Check the box if a person is still a prospect and not yet an active client. 

(5) Click the “Add Client” button

A message at the top right of the screen will confirm your new client has been created.

 A green and black text Description automatically generated

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