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Reminding Clients of their Dialogues

Reminding clients to complete dialogues to which they are invited is easy:

  1. You can automatically remind clients to complete unfinished dialogues they have not yet completed by selecting the corresponding option when creating a dialogue. The system will then automatically send weekly reminder emails for up to two months or until the client completes their dialogue.
  2. You can also manually remind clients to complete an unfinished dialogue: see below.

Step 1: Log in to the BQ Portal

If you are not logged in already, click here to log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Select a client

Select a client from the client list.

To search for a specific client, enter the client’s first name and/or last name in the search box at the top left.

To select a client, click on the row where the client’s name is displayed.

Step 3: Select how to remind the client

Open the dialogue management page by clicking on the button with three dots (“…”).

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On the dialogue management page, you have a variety of options to remind your client.

Use either of the three green buttons to re-send the invitation to the dialogue again. For more information see the explanation next to the buttons.

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Alternatively, you can change automatic reminder settings. Click “Change Dialogue Settings”.

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Next, turn on the Automatic Dialogue Reminder by setting the switch from OFF to ON. Please note that automatic reminders are only sent up to two months after a dialogue has been created.

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