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Accessing Client Results

Advisor Dashboard and Client Report 

Step 1: Log in to the BQ Portal

If you are not logged in already, click here to log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Select a client

Select a client from the client list.

To search for a specific client, enter the client’s first name and/or last name in the search box at the top left.

To select a client, click on the row where the client’s name is displayed.


Step 3: View the results dashboard and download the client report 

To view a client’s results dashboard and download the client report, the client must have completed at least one dialogue. 

  1. The dashboard provides an profile of the client’s characteristics, predictions of the future client behaviors, and comprehensive recommendations for tailored advising.
  2. The client report is a downloadable a 2-page report in PDF format with key results. It is intended as an optional service for the client. 

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Exporting Results (BQA Enterprise only) 

Exporting Results is only available to users of BQA Enterprise.

See this article on how you can export the results.

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