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On the settings page, you can:

  1. Change your password
  2. Change the system language
  3. Define privacy policy contact information 

1. Change your password 

To change your password: 

1. Enter your current password. 

2. Enter a new password. 

The BQ system automatically checks the strength of your password. The stronger your currently selected password is, the more bars will be displayed below it. 

BQ requires your password to be at least 8 characters long and 4 bars strong. To best protect your data, we recommend that you choose your password as strong as possible.

3. Confirm your new password by re-entering it in the “Repeat New Password” field.

4. Click the “Confirm” button 


2. Change the language

The system language applies to both your user interface and the language of your client dialogues. To change the system language, open the drop-down menu and select your preferred language. Click the “Confirm” button to save your selection.



A notification in the upper right corner will confirm that the language has been successfully changed. 

3. Define privacy policy contact information

To ensure GDPR compliance, all clients who enter into a client dialogue will be asked to agree to our Privacy Policy. This privacy policy defines you or your company/organization as the Data Controller and BehaviorQuant as the Data Processor.

The privacy policy displays the name, address, and email address of the person or company/organization to be contacted regarding privacy matters:

As a BQA Enterprise user, this information will be set up for you. As a BQA Basic user, we will pre-fill this section with your name and e-mail address and display a message asking you to update your information.

To update your information, click the green Edit button. For BQA Enterprise users, permission is required to update this information on behalf of your company/organization.

Click Update to save your changes.

You can preview the privacy policy with your information at any time by clicking the link above the Edit button.

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