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Exporting result data

Step 1: Log into BQ

If you are currently not logged in, klicken Sie hier und melden Sie sich mit Ihren Zugangsdaten an.


Step 2: Navigate to the export feature

Use the top navigation bar to navigate to the export page.

Um Daten zu exportieren:

  1. Select your product of choice

  2. Select a language for the labels used in the .csv file.

Then, click the Export Data button to generate and download the .csv file.


Opening the .csv file in Microsoft Excel

You can view the .csv file in a various software programs including Microsoft Excel.

Depending on your settings, Excel may not immediately show a clearly structured view of the exported data, for example:

Instead of displaying the data in separate columns, all data are crammed into column A.

To resolve this, first select all rows of column A by clicking on column A.

Next, in the Ecxel menu bar, navigate to the Data menu. Select the “Text to Columns” option.


Dies öffnet ein neues Dialogfenster.

Im Dialogfenster wählen Sie "Getrennt" und klicken Sie "Weiter".

Am folgenden Bildschirm, wählen entfernen Sie den Haken bei "Tabulator" und setzen Sie den Haken bei "Komma". Klicken Sie "Weiter".

In the following page, do not change any settings and click finish.

You should now have a clearly structured view of your exported data.