Intricacies of Human Bias with Behavioral Finance

In the realm of finance, decisions are often thought to be driven by cold, hard data and rational analysis. However, beneath this façade of logic lies a complex web of human biases that can subtly—but significantly—impact our financial choices. Understanding these biases isn’t just about theory; it’s about gaining a profound insight into your decision-making processes and how you can leverage this understanding to make better financial decisions.

Can AI Substitute Financial Advisors?

In the evolving world of finance, the question looms: Can AI replace human financial advisors? While AI excels in data analysis, it falls short in understanding emotions and building trust. Join us as we explore this debate and uncover why the human touch remains irreplaceable in financial planning.

BehaviorQuant at EmTech 2024 in London

Join Thomas Oberlechner, the visionary founder of BehaviorQuant, as he talks about our groundbreaking innovations at the prestigious EmTech Conference 2024 in London!

The Easter Effect: Your Seasonal Trading Guide

Stock diagram photo by Anna Nekrashevich

Ever wondered why the markets seem to dance to a different tune around Easter time? It is not just about chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits. There is a whole phenomenon at play here called the Easter Effect.

Navigating Financial Advisory in a World of Global Polarization

Every day, we witness how global polarization deeply impacts the financial advisory industry. As political and ideological divides deepen across the globe, financial advisors must skillfully navigate their relationships with clients in an increasingly complex landscape.

BehaviorQuant is now a member of IA Engine FinTech

BehaviorQuant is now a member of the IA Engine Fintech program

We are proud to announce that BehaviorQuant has become a FinTech member of the UK Investment Association’s Engine. This way we showcase BehaviorQuant’s commitment to advancing the field of behavioral finance and to reinforce our position as a leading innovator in the financial investment industry.

The coffee you won’t get at Starbucks

Coffee-can investing, a relatively simple yet effective approach, has gained popularity among certain investors. But who is this strategy best suited for? In this article, we will explore the concept of coffee-can investing and identify the type of investors for whom it can be a great fit.