BehaviorQuant Joins IA Engine's FinTech Cohort

We are proud to announce that BehaviorQuant has become a FinTech member of the UK Investment Association’s Engine. This way we showcase BehaviorQuant’s commitment to advancing the field of behavioral finance and to reinforce our position as a leading innovator in the financial investment industry.

As a member of the IA Engine Program, BehaviorQuant will have access to a wide range of resources, networks, and opportunities that will further accelerate its growth and innovation. This partnership will facilitate collaboration with other like-minded innovators, foster knowledge exchange, and provide access to strategic partnerships.

Moreover, BehaviorQuant’s membership in the IA Engine Program aligns with its ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional AI-driven solutions for clients and partners. This collaboration will undoubtedly reinforce BehaviorQuant’s position as an innovative player that transforms the investment industry and drives positive change. So that you can:

  • Advise your clients with confidence.
  • Back your hiring decisions with behavioral data analytics.
  • Optimize your investment performance with tailored strategies.
BehaviorQuant is now a member of the IA Engine Fintech program