Make better investment decisions with behavioral solutions

Optimize professional investment decision making and provide superior advice.

Groundbreaking decision support for investment professionals

BehaviorQuant provides you with detailed predictive knowledge of financial decision makers’ behavior. Effortlessly profile asset managers, investors, and wealth clients to anticipate their future decisions and outcomes. 

Our mission

We created BehaviorQuant to allow investment professionals to master the most complex aspect of their decisions: Human behavior. We deliver predictive insight into financial behavior, risk, and success to optimize financial and investment decision making.


Our solutions are available in English and German.

Realize Top Performance

  • Optimize your and your team’s performance and decision-making.
  • Recognize and actively leverage unique strengths in managing assets.
  • Mitigate weaknesses and inefficiencies with tailored recommendations.

Identify the Best

  • Significantly improve your evaluation & selection of asset managers.
  • Reduce risk and identify hidden red flags with unprecedented transparency.
  • Get predictive data and compelling rationales for who to trust with your investments.

Offer Tailored Advice

  • Effortlessly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Maximize advisor impact with immediate transparency of individual preferences and needs.
  • Communicate successfully with every customer.

Trusted in Science and Practice

We are a highly experienced team with extensive scientific expertise in the fields of behavioral finance, behavioral science, and financial decision making. We use psychometrics and machine learning to quantify decision makers’ behavioral characteristics, preferences, and biases.

Our solutions incorporate: 25 years of research at renowned universities including Harvard, Columbia, and MIT; years of collaboration with such world-leading financial institutions as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, UBS, and many others; extensive experience implementing innovative FinTech solutions in Silicon Valley.


Peak Performance

37% of investment performance is personality-based; professionals can increase their returns significantly.


Vast Value Added

Behavioral Coaching adds up to 400bps of value to investors each year.


Stunning Savings

The right hire can save financial institutions three times a yearly salary.

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