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Using BQ Teams

BQ Teams allows you to compose and analyze teams consisting of your individual participants in BQ Performance. This section explains how you compose teams, add and remove members, and view team results.

Step 1: Log into BQ and ensure that Performance is selected

If you are currently not logged in, click here and log in with your credentials. If you are subscribed to multiple products, navigate to “Performance” via the product selection in the top navigation bar.


Step 2: Navigate to Teams

Click on “Teams” in the box on the bottom right.


Composing a Team

To compose a Team, (1) enter a name for the Team and (2) click the green “Create Team” button.


Adding and Removing Team Members

To add and remove members from a team, select the team from the Existing Teams table by clicking on the line with the team name.

This selects the team and opens the team composition manager on the right. Here, you add team members by selecting them from the “Select Candidate” dropdown menu (1) and by clicking the “Add to Team” (2) button.

If you have a large number of participants in your system, type a name into the drop down menu (1) to look for a specific participant.


Added team members show up in the list of team members below the drop down menu. To remove a team member from a team, click the “Delete” button and click “Remove from Team” in the confirmation dialog.



To view team results, click on the “View Results” button in the line with the team’s name.


Team results are only be shown for teams with at least two participants who have finished at least one interaction each. Otherwise, the View Results button is inactive.


Comparing Teams

To compare teams, add the teams to the comparison by using the “+” button.


The teams added to the comparison are displayed in the upper right corner. When you have added all the teams you want to compare, click the green “Compare Teams” button.

To remove a specific team from the comparison, use the “-” button in the team list.


Deleting a Team

To delete a team, press the red delete button next to the team.

Confirm by using the “OK” button.

Deleting a team does not delete its members’ individual results, dashboards, and reports.

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