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Opening Dashboard and Report

Step 1: Log into BQ and select your solution (“Performance”)

If you are currently not logged in, click here and log in with your credentials. Should you be subscribed to multiple BQ solutions, navigate to Performance using the product-selector in the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Select a participant

From the list of participants, select a participant. To find participants, simply enter their first name and/or last name in the search field.

Click anywhere in the line with the participant’s name to select the participant.

Step 3: Select either the Dashboard or download the Report

To view a participant’s Dashboard or download the participant’s Performance Report, the participant has to have at least one completed interaction.

On the participant’s profile, select the type of result you want to view. (1) The dashboard provides an interactive overview of all results and allows drilling down into specific details. (2) The Performance Report is a downloadable PDF-file. It can printed out for a summary of the candidate’s individual results and for strategic recommendations on how to improve one’s own performance.

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