BQ Performance Coach

37% of your investment performance depends on how you process information

Even highly successful investment professionals are not immune to the decision biases and tendencies that may impact their performance. Compare yourself to hundreds of other investment professionals and receive tailored recommendations to optimize your processes and outcomes. Optimize your decision making by using the latest behavioral science and machine learning.

Improve individual investment performance

Overconfidence, confirmation bias, and decision stress in ambiguous market settings are just few of the forces that lead decision makers to miss out on optimal returns. Clearly identify the behavioral forces that drive your investment decisions and receive tailored recommendations.

Optimize your team’s decision making

Far beyond mere diagnostics, BQ Performance Coach provides easily understandable and immediately actionable recommendations to optimize decisions and performance. BQ Performance Coach identifies strengths and potential risks in your and your teams’ decision making:

  • Behavioral Strengths
  • Personal and Team Risks
  • Impact of the Current Market
  • Decision Making
  • Biases
  • Red Flags
  • Optimization Opportunities

Compose successful teams

Diversification results in better outcomes — not only in portfolios. Homogenous teams underperform significantly. Simulate the impact of changing your team’s composition and adding new members on your team. Build the most successful team by easily comparing existing and simulated teams. 

Steer Decision Processes and Investment Performance with Behavioral Science and Machine Learning

Unrecognized behavioral risks and biases cause significant performance losses that can be measured in numbers. Identify invisible decision biases and harmful behavioral tendencies. Receive tailored recommendations to improve your processes and results.

Monitor yourself and your teams

Changing market conditions, personal change, and changes within your team may impact your decisions and performance. Do not let these influences go unnoticed. BQ Performance Coach lets you track the decision making and risk taking of individuals and teams over time. You see the effects of improvement efforts over time, and you can anticipate and counteract undesired developments even before they start hurting your success and performance.

Attract investors and customers

Convincing arguments are needed to successfully attract capital and win customers. Stand out from your peers and gain a compelling competitive edge with BQ Performance Coach. Showcase your proven behavioral strengths and the unique qualities in how you approach markets and decisions that set you apart.

Reduce key person risk

In the eyes of investors and other stakeholders, key person risk looms large. Use BQ Performance Coach to monitor yourself and show that you mitigate this risk by proactively controlling your decision processes and potential biases that might have an undesired impact on you.

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How it works


Invite individual Team Members

With a single click, invite team members to an interactive survey.


Interactive Survey

Our interactive system automatically guides individuals through a series of questions, tasks, and scenarios. This takes about 35 minutes.


Behavioral Analytics

Objective, scientific algorithms identify indivuals’ behavioral characteristics relevant for performance, including invisible decision-making and risk-taking tendencies.


Immediate Results

Immediately, you see the team’s behavioral biases, hidden risks, and their potential to generate alpha. Support team members with detailed reports of their individual results and with personal recommendations.

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