BQ Performance Select

Profit from behavioral analytics to select the best managers

Differences in asset managers’ performance are largely based on behavioral characteristics. Go beyond the financial data commonly used for manager evaluation. Take your selection decisions to a new level with behavioral analytics and machine learning.

Select the right asset managers for investment mandates

Past returns are no guarantee of future returns. And qualities like integrity, unbiased decision making, and compliance with investment mandates are not evident from resumes and interviews. Numeric results and objective comparisons create a new standard in Due Diligence. Use hard behavioral data and predictive analytics to differentiate skill from luck, to predict future performance, and to immediately recognize red flags.

Monitor decision makers over time

When markets or personal circumstances change, investment behavior and decision making often change as well. This may result in style drift, altered risk taking, and deviations from established mandates and strategies. With BQ Performance Select, you can monitor managers and teams over time to see if, and how, changing conditions affect their decision making.

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How it works


Invite Candidates

With a single click, invite your candidates – any individual or team – to an interactive survey.


Interactive Survey

Our interactive system automatically guides your candidates through a series of questions, tasks, and scenarios. This takes about 35 minutes.


Behavioral Analytics

Objective, scientific algorithms identify the candidates’ behavioral characteristics relevant for performance, including invisible decision-making and risk-taking tendencies.


Immediate Results

Immediately, you see candidates’ behavioral biases, hidden risks, and their potential to generate alpha.

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