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Uncover the Edge: Harness the Power of Behavioral Science

BQ brings the latest in behavioral science and machine learning to investment decisions. BQ Advisory can assess and measure the type of financial decision-maker your clients are. Predict customer churn risk and offer tailored advice to talk to them before they leave. Try it now and see which type you are.


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Be the Advisor Your Clients Love...

Put yourself into your client’s shoes: Discover your financial personality among 12 unique types. Imaginative Artist or Energetic Adventurer? Prudent Guardian or Reserved Observer? Introspective Sage or Reliable Realist?

Gain deeper insights into your decision-making style. Experience it for free or unlock the full power of BehaviorQuant!

Benefit today from tomorrow’s technology

With our software, you get systematic, quantitative knowledge about your clients. This enables you to interact more effectively with your customers. Make better decisions and save money.

Personalize the advisory relationship from the very beginning

Turn initial meetings into successful client relationships. Immediately understand the needs of prospective clients. Build highly personalized advisory relationships more easily than ever before.

Turn clients who save into clients who invest

Clients’ assets are often parked in saving accounts. Many of these clients are willing to invest these assets. Identify these clients and offer them products aligned with their interests and needs.

Decrease client churn

Know precisely what your clients need to trust and stay loyal even if investments do not achieve the hoped-for returns. Identify clients at risk to churn and prevent profit-reducing outflows with actionable recommendations.


How it works

BQ Advisory is a completely easy-to-use turnkey solution. Invite your clients with a single click. When they open your invitation, they will complete an interactive series of scenarios, simulations, and questions. In less than 10 minutes, you and your clients will receive the most relevant, interesting insights – the best foundation of a long-term, highly successful advisory relationship.


Client Invitation

With a single click, you invite your client to BQ Advisory.


Interactive Dialogue

Our software automatically guides your client through a stimulating series of questions, tasks, and scenarios.


Behavioral Analytics

State-of-the-art scientific algorithms immediately identify your client’s behavioral traits, attitudes, and preferences.


Actionable Results

You receive instant results and actionable recommendations.

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Pricing BQ Advisory

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  • Preview Dashboard
  • Your Personal Report
  • Upgrade Anytime

Pay per Analysis

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  • 1 Advisor
  • 3 or more Analyses
  • Use with Prospects and Clients
  • Pay per Client Analysis
  • Full Dashboard and Client Report
  • Easy Upgrade to Subscription
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Benefit from Enterprise Features
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  • Multiple Advisors
  • Unlimited Analyses
  • Business Intelligence Suite
  • Use with Prospects and Clients
  • Full Dashboard and Client Report
  • Full Data Export
  • Training and Onboarding Support

Subscriptions are automatically renewed. See our terms of use for easy cancellation.


No, there are no commitments whatsoever when you try BQ Advisory for free. However, if you find it valuable and want to use it with your clients, you can purchase single credits or monthly and yearly subscriptions at your convenience.

No, you are not required to use BQ Advisory personally before inviting your clients. You can purchase single credits or a monthly or yearly subscription right away and start inviting your clients immediately.

You can test BQ Advisory with one free analysis – no credit card required. To continue, purchase credits as needed or choose a monthly/annual subscription. See our pricing page for more details.

Yes, you can upgrade anytime inside your own account.

Subscriptions generally include an unlimited number of clients per advisor. Fair use policies apply.

Yes. You are able to add and remove clients and prospects at any moment.

Yes, we offer onboarding support with our monthly and yearly subscription plans. This includes access to training videos, support online manual, and a dedicated support team to help you get started with BQ Advisory.

Yes, BehaviorQuant is happy to offer you a package tailored to your needs. Please reach out to a BehaviorQuant Expert for more information.

Yes, the annual subscription plan offers a 14-day trial period during which you can cancel the subscription.

Yes, BQ Advisory can be easily integrated with any existing system, on any existing platform. It has open interfaces that allow for both independent, stand-alone use and easy integration into existing technology.

As a standard we offer email support from 9am-6pm CET (Central European Time) Monday to Friday. We are happy to take calls and solve issues over the weekend, or assist after 6pm CET. If you tell us it is urgent, we will be there.

Please get in touch to let us know. We’re here to assist you!