BQ Advisory

Enjoy unprecedented advisory success

Create and sustain highly successful client relationships. BQ Advisory clearly shows you each customer’s individual preferences and needs, along with tailored recommendations. Put the power of behavioral science and predictive analytics to work for you. Effortlessly realize existing business potential with clients who love being advised by you.

Personalize the advisory relationship from the very beginning

New clients are the foundation for growth. High-quality advice takes time and effort. Turn initial meetings into successful client relationships. Immediately understand the needs of prospective clients. Build highly personalized advisory relationships more easily than ever before.

Decrease client churn

The key to profitable advisory is long-term client loyalty. Advisory relationships are built on trust. Know precisely what your clients need to trust and stay loyal even if investments do not achieve the hoped-for returns. Identify clients at risk to churn and prevent profit-reducing outflows with actionable recommendations.

Turn clients who save into clients who invest

Clients’ assets are often parked in saving accounts. Many of these clients are willing to invest these assets. Identify these clients and offer them products aligned with their interests and needs.

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How it works

BQ Advisory is a completely easy-to-use turnkey solution. Invite your clients with a single click. When they open your invitation, they will complete an interactive series of scenarios, simulations, and questions. In less than 10 minutes, you and your clients will receive the most relevant, interesting insights – the best foundation of a long-term, highly successful advisory relationship.


Client Invitation

With a single click, you invite your client to BQ Advisory.


Interactive Dialogue

Our software automatically guides your client through a stimulating series of questions, tasks, and scenarios.


Behavioral Analytics

Immediately, state-of-the-art scientific algorithms identify your client’s behavioral traits, attitudes, and preferences.


Actionable Results

You receive instant results and actionable recommendations.

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