Our story

The story of BehaviorQuant is as unique as the story of its founders.

Among financial technology companies, BehaviorQuant stands out as truly distinct. We provide behavioral financial technology. We don’t just make existing transactions and processes faster and easier. For the first time ever, we enable you to objectively grasp the people and teams behind these transactions. BehaviorQuant gives you predictive knowledge of the asset managers, investors, clients, and customers you work with – and even about yourself and your own teams. And we optimize your decision based on hard, objective data about these decision-makers.


Research at Leading Universities


Developing Financial Technology


Foundation of BehaviorQuant

It’s all about people

We developed BehaviorQuant because finance is about people. The minds and hands that manage assets and make investment decisions are human. All the technology that supports todays’ financial decisions has not changed one simple fact: Behind every financial decision there are people. Every financial decision is ultimately driven by a person or a team.

BehaviorQuant was founded by Dr. Gerlinde Berghofer and Dr. Thomas Oberlechner, who started their university education in the cradle of psychology, Vienna. In the following 25 years, these two PhDs laid the foundation of an absolutely unparalleled and inimitable technology. BehaviorQuant integrates the highest levels of expertise in science, behavioral finance, personality and decision research, team dynamics, education, and coaching. Last but not least, BehaviorQuant is based on the founders’ many years of experience developing financial technology in Silicon Valley, translating cutting-edge science into practical solutions for financial professionals.

Bridging Academic Roots and FinTech in Silicon Valley 

BehaviorQuant has its roots in its founders’ research at Harvard, MIT and Columbia University, and their studies with hundreds of decision makers at the world’s leading financial institutions, from JPMorgan Chase to Merrill Lynch to Goldman Sachs. Today, BehaviorQuant integrates systematic knowledge obtained from several thousands of financial decision makers – from executives at the world’s largest banks, top Wall Street traders, asset managers, fund managers, institutional investors, to advisors and their customers.

We spent many years developing the BehaviorQuant engine to meet all standards of excellence and efficiency. We are proud to offer you a turnkey solution that you can profit from immediately.

Dr. Thomas Oberlechner


Dr. Oberlechner is an internationally recognized expert in decision psychology and behavioral science. He completed his studies in Europe and the US and holds a psychology doctorate and three Masters’ degrees in law, psychology, and consulting psychology from Harvard University and University of Vienna. Dr. Oberlechner has researched and taught at Harvard, MIT, University of Cologne, and the University of Vienna. His research has widely been published in academic and professional journals and in his books The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market (Wiley Publishers) and The Psychology of Ethics in the Finance and Investment Industry (CFA Institute). Prior to founding BehaviorQuant, Dr. Oberlechner spent 6 years in Silicon Valley creating behavioral solutions for financial decision makers as Chief Science Officer of a FinTech company and as a consultant for his own company, FinPsy LLC (www.finpsy.com).


Dr. Gerlinde Berghofer


Dr. Berghofer is an internationally recognized expert on psychometric scale development, psychological assessments, and the evaluation of systems. She holds a PhD from the University of Vienna and was trained as a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and Executive Coach. She has held a variety of professional positions and managed teams and organizational processes in these fields. Her research resulted in numerous publications in international test databases and academic journals and, as a Fulbright Scholar, in a long- term research cooperation with Columbia University. Her expertise in assessment development led her to San Francisco where she developed Behavioral Science-based decision support systems for investors and consulted financial companies with her consulting firm FinPsy (www.finpsy.com).


Our Advisors

Rachel S.L. Minard

Management positions at J.P.Morgan Investment Management, Cadogan Management and Corbin Capital Partners; Founder and CEO of Minard Capital & Minard Venture Capital LLC


Stefan Rummel

Management positions at various renowned private banks such as LGT, UBS, Schoellerbank, and Deutsche Bank; active in various advisor roles

Prof. Dr. Michal Kosinski

Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
World’s leading expert in personality research with computer-aided methods, AI, and Big Data


Prof. Dr. Eduard Brandstätter

Kepler University Linz, Head of the Department Economic Psychology
Renowned expert and scientist in the field of decision research

JKU Linz

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Finalist Banking Tech Awards 2023
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Best Digital Solution Provider – Wealth Tech

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Finalist Global Fintech Awards 2023

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