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Unprecedented insight before returns are generated and decisions are made.


We created BehaviorQuant to allow investment professionals master the most complex aspect of their daily decisions: human behavior. Let us show you how!

Thomas Oberlechner, founder of BehaviorQuant


BQ Advisory enables a new dimension of personalized advice and tells you how

BQ Selection identifies the best manager and tells you why

BQ Performance translates personal potential into success and tells you how

BehaviorQuant Optimizes Investment Decision-Making Behaviorally

What is BehaviorQuant?

BehaviorQuant is the new behavioral generation of financial technology. Systematic analysis of individual characteristics and decision tendencies of investors opens a world of opportunities for performance and advisory success.

Who is BehaviorQuant for?

BehaviorQuant supports professional financial decision-makers and advisors with specific solutions for institutional investors and fund managers, as well as for banks and financial/wealth advisors.

How does BehaviorQuant Support You?

An automated system and objective algorithms determine the behavioral tendencies of individual financial decision makers. You benefit from comprehensive behavioral insight, valid predictions, and relevant recommendations for your decisions.

Objective Metrics for Valid Results

State-of-the-art Interaction


 Behavioral Science
 Behavioral Finance
 Decision Science

Objective Analysis


 Behavioral Traits
 Risk Attitudes
 Decision Styles
 Cognitive Biases

Actionable Results


 Manager Evaluation
 Due Diligence
 Personalized Advice
 Compatible Investments

 Manager Evaluation
 Due Diligence
 Personalized Advice
 Compatible Investments

Benefit from BehaviorQuant Advantages

25+ years experience in science; FinTech development in Silicon Valley

400+ behavioral aspects of
decision makers

8000+ financial decision-makers’
insights and data 

Our Solutions

Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors


Institutional Investors & Fund Managers


Fund Managers & Asset Managers


Our Team

BehaviorQuant’s unique behavioral financial technology is based on convincing personal and professional expertise.To realize our solutions, the BehaviorQuant team combines decades of relevant experience, scientific insight, and professional know-how. We represent all relevant disciplines at the highest level — from decision research to investment processes, behavioral finance, psychometrics, information technology, design, quality management, and the development of innovative financial technology.

BehaviorQuant is headed by Thomas Oberlechner, an internationally renowned expert in behavioral finance and behavioral sciences. He is the author of numerous scientific publications, has obtained his doctorate and habilitation in Vienna — the city of Freud and the cradle of psychology — in the field of financial market psychology, and has led relevant research projects at Harvard and MIT. Extensive collaborations with the world’s leading banks and largest trading floors on Wall Street have contributed to his unique knowledge of financial decision-makers – from bank customers to private and institutional investors to the managers of well-known investment funds.

BehaviorQuant is built on extensive experience in developing and consulting financial technology on site in Silicon Valley. As a multi- disciplinary team of experienced specialists, we are proud to guarantee professional financial decision-makers the most innovative solutions for the best behavioral support possible.


Thomas Oberlechner, PhD
CEO & Chief Science Officer

Gerlinde Berghofer

Gerlinde Berghofer, PhD
Co-founder & COO

Martin Mayerhofer
Martin Mayerhofer
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Palkovics
Michael Palkovics
Product Developer

„We’re building the world’s most innovative behavioral platform for radically improved financial decision-making.“

Elisabeth Zoe Knass
Elisabeth Zoe Knass
Front-end & GUI Optimization
Raffael Juettner
Raphael Jüttner
Full Stack Developer
Julia Pitters

Julia Pitters, PhD
Product & Market Research

Gerhard Fiala
Gerhard Fiala
Finance & Bus Dev
Herbert Krippner

Herbert Krippner
Organization & Bus Dev

Donald Baillie

Donald Baillie, PhD
Risk & Analytics


Magdalena Mayer
Marketing & Research

Laura Wedra

Laura Wedra

Ada Sila, PhD

Sila Ada, PhD
Sen. Data Scientist


Tjerk Boorsma
Statistics & Psychometrics


Stefan Rummel
Advisor, Reflecting Partner


Michal Kosinski, PhD
Advisor, Stanford University GSB

Eduard Brandstaetter

Eduard Brandstätter, PhD
Advisor, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz


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